About Us

A bit about our history…

Domu Property Management was started because as investors ourselves, we know how hard it is to find high quality and professional Boca Raton property management services. As the owners of 20 apartment units, we knew what we wanted from a management company and we couldn’t find it out there. So, we decided to manage those apartments ourselves. This quickly became a full-time job. It didn’t take long for others to notice our success and our talent for management. We began growing immediately.

Who we are…

Our professional backgrounds stretch from finance to accounting to international business. We have worked hands-on with property maintenance and taken the time to implement efficient systems and procedures that help us manage your property seamlessly, keeping your costs down and your returns up.

How we manage…

The management style we embrace is proactive and detail-oriented. We like to see problems before they arrive, and we come up with creative solutions to protect your investment and your financial interests.

The personal and professional experience we can provide is unique, and an excellent reason to choose us for your Boca Raton property management needs. We understand your concerns about leasing, maintenance, and liability because we share those concerns ourselves – as property owners.

We know the Boca Raton market, including what properties are renting for and what great tenants are seeking in a rental home. This helps us price your home properly and prepare it to rent quickly to the best residents we can find.

There are a lot of Boca Raton property management companies, and you have choices. If you want a team that’s dedicated to your property and its growth, talk to us at Domu Property Management. We know properties from the perspective of a manager and an owner, and our goal is to make the leasing process a pleasant and successful one for owners as well as tenants.