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When you need help with Boca Raton association management, we can provide oversight and expertise. Whether you have an HOA that needs help enforcing rules and covenants or a community association that’s struggling with accounting and maintenance, Domu Property Management can step in and keep your association running smoothly.

  • We are tenant and resident friendly. We know that for an association to function successfully, the residents have to be on the same page as the board. We bring everyone together and serve everyone in the community to create the best environment for owners and members.
  • Our technology keeps you organized. We aren’t an old school property management company that relies on inefficient processes and dated procedures. Our processes save you time and money, and we manage everything we can online. You’ll have access to systems that allow for online payments and statements. We’ll improve communication between the owners, the residents, the board members, and our own property management team. We are tech savvy and accessible. Our platforms keep us committed to responding to you within 24-48 hours.
  • We understand the local market. As a Boca Raton property management company, we live here and work here. We understand the south Florida market and the unique challenges and rewards that come with participating in a local community association.
  • Our team takes a personal interest in the work we do. We run a community ourselves, so we know how challenging it can be to create buy-in and participation from all the different constituencies involved in a community association. You’ll benefit from our background as personal investors and professional property managers.

We are ethical, licensed, and experienced. People enjoy working with us because we do what we say we’re going to do and we deliver what we promise. If your board or association needs some help with organization, enforcement, accounting, or communication, contact us at Domu Property Management. We’ll help you turn things around and run more efficiently.

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