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Landlord’s Guide to Preparing Your Boca Raton Vacation Rental Home for Guests

System - Friday, August 30, 2019

Once you decide you want to make some extra cash and turn your Boca Raton property into a vacation rental home, there are some things you need to consider when preparing for this move.

Here are some of our tips to getting your home ready to be a vacation rental.

Furnish the Home Completely

First off, make sure your property is furnished completely. Vacation guests will expect to find a vacation rental fully furnished and well-equipped. The property should be ready for them to enjoy. This means the kitchen should be stocked with complete sets of pots and pans, glassware, and silverware. Bedrooms should have beds completely made with extra sheets accessible and available.

Quality is Key for Vacation Rentals

One of the things we cannot stress enough is to really invest in quality. This will ensure you have a successful vacation rental. When you go to a nice hotel, think of the qualities that make it the best. You have an amazing bed with comfortable sheets. You have the softest towels in the bathroom. You go to this hotel, and everything feels so good. That’s what you need to provide in your vacation rental. Really invest in beds, sheets, towels, etc. Keep the best pots and pans in the kitchen with shiny silverware and sturdy glasses. Quality in brings quality out. People will love and give rave reviews because everything was comfortable and very high quality.

Go the Extra Mile with Your Home

As a vacation rental landlord, you really want to put yourself in the shoes of the guests. Go that extra mile to make your guests feel welcome. Add some extras along the way in the rooms. In the bathroom, keep shampoo, conditioner, and soap. In the laundry area, provide detergent and dryer sheets. In the kitchen you can provide bottled water or leave coffee packs for the next morning. Put yourself in the guest’s shoes. Maybe they have been traveling all day with kids. The vacation rental they arrive to may be perfect, but think of how nice it would be to arrive and open the fridge to find a nice bottle of water.

Going the extra mile always adds a little something extra to your rental and is appreciated by guests.

If your rental is around a beach or lake or someplace where water is within walking distance, it’s always great to provide bikes, beach chairs, or kayaks for your guests to use. These are things guests will enjoy and appreciate not having to bring or pack themselves. They will love having them once they arrive at their vacation rental. Every cent you spend to improve your guest’s experience will come back to you. This will be in the form of reviews, bookings, and returning guests.

Really invest in your vacation rental because your investment will guarantee your future success.

If you have any further questions about how to prepare your vacation rental in Boca Raton or the surrounding areas, please feel free to contact us at Domu Property Management.